Limited edition of 100 cassettes!

Ketcel by e.g. phosphate (Chad Deal) is the original soundtrack to the psychedelic post-cyberpunk novel of the same name, evoking the urban, natural, and virtual landscapes of borderland Baja California and cyberspace. 

The author incorporates samples and compositions by Tijuana experimental musicians Haydeé Jiménez (Hidhawk), Minuit De Lacroix, and Bobby Ordoñez (1MFS) into a multi-genre journey through IDM/braindance, abstract sound design, field recordings, krautrock, breakcore, Mongolian folk, polyrhythms inspired by Haitian vodou drumming, noise, and ambient.

Limited edition of 100 cassettes available from Stay Strange Records.

Track Listing:

  • 1. Peacock Numbers Station*~
  • 2. Pitch Dark Orbs
  • 3. La Zona
  • 4. Cachanihilismo (TV in My Eye) – a cover of Le Shok’s cover of Los Microwaves
  • 5. Silver Silhouettes+~
  • 6. Vodouware
  • 7. Not-Casseus+~
  • 8. Garbage Wall
  • 9. El Hongo

*featuring Haydeé Jiménez (radio jamming & field recordings)

+featuring Minuit De Lacroix (composition, sound design, & field recordings)

~featuring 1MFS (manipulated guitar samples from upcoming album DRONES

Additional vocals by Dan Brozo (track 1) and Hugo Fierro (track 4)

Chad Deal: baritone ukulele, electric & acoustic bass, synths, field recordings, virtual instruments, theremin, electronics, vocals.

Mastering and additional mixing by Steve Canfield (Otherr). 

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